Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Before I Go To College

Don't have much to say. I couldn't be bothered to take a shower this morning so I've got a few extra minutes of free time before I go to college.

My motivation to study is awfully low. I went over to Enie's, one of my classmates, yesterday so that he'd teach me the material for tomorrow's commercial law test. We read through a couple of pages and then called Suzy to ask her something about the material. She told me that somebody said that the test got postponed. We called up different people, nobody seemed to have heard that the test did get postponed but everyone we had spoke to did want the test postponed. Well that was the last little push for me to not to bother studying.

I've been speaking to Enie about what's going on between Suzy and me. He's been under the impression that we're a couple. I myself don't know what Suzy and I are towards each other, certainly without any kind of physical relationship (i.e. I haven't even kissed her) it seems pretty hard for me to say that we are a couple. And then she sent me a generic sms message saying that I've been 'loaded into her heart'. At the time she had asked me what I thought of it, I replied that it was cute. Enie thinks that was my chance to crystallize the relationship.

When I ask her about us ever wanting to go out together to a restaurant or something even if it did include her brother and other friends, she tells me that she'd never. What's the point of a girlfriend if you can't spend a good time with her? Enie suggested that Suzy and I might have been wanting/expecting different things entering the relationship. Well wherever the two of us are in regards to each other I don't want to tamper with it until perhaps the end of the year.

I've also got a total quality management test tomorrow. Haven't been able to bother myself memorizing the material. I have to memorize it because I don't have the language skills to express in my own words. It would've been a piece of cake otherwise. So far all I've done is read through the material once. And there a few things that I didn't understand.

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