Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dissolute Diarrhea

Shat on myself as I was waking up yesterday. Diarrhea. Freaked out this morning when I found out that I still had it. I went to a street where more than half of the shops were pharmacies to get some Imodium. It was nearly 9 O'Clock in the morning and every single one of them pharmacies were closed. Mobile phone shops and grocery shops were open, but god forbid that a pharmacist should get out of bed to open his store. It's like Fridays, pharmacies are closed on Fridays here too, where's the sense in that? Iraqis must obviously not get sick on Fridays. Well I did end up finding a pharmacy open in my own neighbourhood and luckily enough it had some Imodium.

Since I was incarcerated at home yesterday (because of the diarrhea), I spent most of the day practising on my guitar using on-line resources. I spent alot of time looking for something that I could find useful, eventually I ended settling for I copied some chords into a notebook and practised them. I also tried taking the lesson on how to play "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd, but gave up because I couldn't figure out which way to strum.

So I got to college in time for the second period and didn't miss anything in the first period because it was used to give some of the students a chance to take a test they had missed during Easter. I'm so overwhelmed by all the material I ought to study by the end of the week. They don't give us alot but it's in Arabic and it takes me ages and ages for me to study something in Arabic. I'm not so confident about passing this year.

After college I dropped off my faulty UPS thingie for the second time, picked up some pizzas and went to see K. It's a shame I've only seen him once since he got here about a month ago, and he'll be leaving again in a week. We talked over a few games of poorly played pool. It's sneaky how K would tell the most important things about himself by the by. I think it was while we were talking about Tania (my junior-high crush) that he told me he's planning to marry that girl that lives in Germany he got to know on-line a couple or so years back. He's gone so far as to introduce the mothers.

Regarding Tania he had caught her on-line and began talking to her by congratulating her on her engagement as a joke, Tania responded with surprise by how he had known that she had indeed got engaged a couple of weeks ago. So yes she's really engaged. K suggested that my chances with her are therefore all over. But to see if I still had a chance, I made a test of fate based on whether I'd get the 8 ball by rebounding it on the opposite end of the table and into the corner pocket. I got the ball in, and therefore proved K wrong.

I've learnt two new words recently that were used to describe me: callous and dissolute. Hans called me callous without meaning it in a bad way and someone who read my blog called me dissolute. I recognize myself as being callous, I just didn't know the word. On the other hand, I'm still trying to deal with dissolute, I'd admit that I've proved to be dissolute on more than one occasion, but I don't enjoy being dissolute. I don't enjoy being callous also, but I don't mind being called callous. Being callous is something I've come to terms with a long time ago. So about being dissolute, I think I've got the choice of trying not to be dissolute or coming to terms that I am dissolute. I guess I'll be thinking about that...

I'm done thinking about it. I'd rather admit being dissolute than make any effort to not continue being dissolute, I just hope that life stops putting me in situations where I'm put to the test.

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Konfused Kid said...

You are quite possibly one of the most unique bloggers in the Iraqi blogosphere, it makes me wanna search ya out to see if really there is someone who lives that kinda of life.
In many ways, u are like me, I could be callous, I am also not pretty much concerned about it all in the same matter as u, I play guitar (been playing for 1 year now), keep it up, and don't get sucked into playing for any sort of audience though (which is unlikely).

check out my blog and write back...