Monday, April 10, 2006

Slow Day

I haven't left the house today. Now it's too late to go out. I should've gone out for a walk. I was so lazy today I even had an afternoon siesta. But I did study some marketing today. I didn't really study, I just tried reading the textbook. It's not making much sense to me. Alot of the time I just guess what is trying to be said in the textbook. How easy it would be to be studying in English. I hope I finish the whole distribution chapter by tonight. You know it's bad when you're hoping for something that's within your power. On second thoughts since it's midnight now, I think I ought to sleep instead.

I just tried calling Farah just now. Her phone was unreachable, sent her an SMS instead. I'm only just starting to make an image of her in my mind. She's been forced to skip alot of the innocence that's usually associated with an Iraqi teenager girl. I don't know what else I can say about her. I don't really want to pass any judgement on her yet. She's great in many ways, I don't think I've yet got to know her as well as I could though. I don't think I'm emotinally attached to her yet, and I don't think that it should become the case considering she's already engaged. Anyway, she's leaving for Syria tomorrow. She invited me over there. But I can't go.

Tomorrow's going to be a fun day I think. I got a dentist appointement. Oh no, that reminds me! I need to get some food down my throat before I go there. I don't want a re-run of the last time, when I went to him on an empty stomach and he told me that I can't eat for the rest of the evening. Come to think of it, he did a really shoddy job of the last filling he gave me. Damn it he destroyed half of one of my teeth in the process. The damn filling wasn't just inside the tooth, it shows from the tooth's side too. Well I ought to call the dentist to tell him I might be late. And I'll need to sort out some food too.

Yay Farah just came on-line. She's not gone yet. And she just got disconnected. And she got disconnected again, she's been having trouble staying connected with it lately.

Oh and yeah apparently AsiaCell does have a GPRS service which makes yahoo chatting work on her smartphone. I'd be tempted to switch but smartphones are too big. Whatever happened to the Motorola StarTac? The last one I saw was tiny. That was a cool phone. All the Iraqis here missed out on all mobile phones produced prior to 2003. Iraqis spend so much money on their mobile phones, especially since they don't get to pay a subsidized price from an operator. They don't remember a time when it was just cool enough to have a mobile phone to make calls with, now it's got to have a camera and play songs out loud.

The electricity has become really bad today. It's like an hour of electricity for every 6 hours. Are people turning on their air-conditioners already? I'm getting hungry. I ought to look for some milk. And damn it's getting late (1:30 AM now).

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