Thursday, April 06, 2006

PPPoE For Me

After a number of days of fretting about which wireless accees point to get to use as an ethernet client, I got a SMC piece of crap access point for 80 bucks. It turned out that I wasn't fretting over nothing. I spent all of last night trying to get the bleeding thing to work last night. Today I gave up on a simple WLAN connection and tried connecting to the ISPs PPPoE service, called the ISP and asked for a username and password.

My Sudanese buddy just knocked the power cable of the access point, and I got disconnected. This thing doesn't put the mind at ease. And it's so annoying having to dial-up. And it ain't that fast! It's just a little faster than a modem connection. Still it'll save me 50 bucks a month. Paying for dial-up internet top-up cards cost me a hundred bucks for a month of use. This internet service should cost me fifty bucks.

Well as long as I don't ever have too much dialing-up then I guess it's not too much of a big deal for now.

I was going to buy a guitar yesterday but didn't find an electro-accoustic Yamaha. The shop I had went to had mostly some other brand that I had never heard of. There's a Yamaha dealer near my home but he's been closed for days. Maybe I ought to ask the neighbouring shops what the deal is.

Nahida went off to Basrah to go see her brother yesterday. I can't imagine what it's like for him. The summer is coming tooHe's been in American custody for about a year. Well, I always like not having Nahida around. She left me some good Kubba to heat up in the microwave for whenever I'm hungry. The one little hitch is that the power has been scarce of late.

And since Nahida wasn't here, I didn't wake up to go to college today. And I had four classes today!

Oh great the electricity is back and I'm famished.


Anonymous said...

You should have bought a Linksys WRT54G. Runs Linux and is hackable like hell. Could also do the fancy things you wanted to do with a bit of command line tweaking and manual configuration.

Anonymous said...

Oh, about the always dialing part, just tweak windows to stay always connected and to auto dial when needed. It should't bother you with dialing the freakin pppeo shit anymore..

Anonymous said...

You should have bought a Linksys WRT54G. Runs Linux and is hackable like hell.

It used to run Linux up to v4. The latest is v5, runs VxWorks, and is hardly hackable (serial number is CDFB*).

While I'm already commenting -- I don't quite understand who Nahida is, and why she cooks for you and also generally seems to look after you while you just want her out of the way.