Saturday, April 01, 2006


Been studying Marketing all day. I spent alot of time watching the tellie and mucking about on my PC too. Just finished the Pricing chapter in the book, that being the only chapter in the book that I read today. It's not easy for me, I have to keep opening the dictionary to look up words. And sometimes it can get really hard when there are two words in a sentence that have several meanings.

Had a good idea of how to get lots of people to open bank accounts by providing a bargain mobile phone service with the hitch being that you need to open a bank account to pay for it. The idea being a remedy to people's lack of trust in banks as a result of the '91 war and what other naughty things Saddam did. Unfortunately, I don't think the government would accept another mobile phone service provider. Oh and the trick is that the mobile phone company deals exclusively with one bank. That wouldn't be fair of course, but I think you can get away with it here. But you'd be expecting to get exclusive mobile phone banking services, which could be cool.

Wikipedia is a great help trying to understand some of the stuff that's being said in my Marketing book. I'm starting to get suspicious. Maybe all the author did was paraphrase everything from wikipedia. Heck if I was proficient in Arabic, that'd be a good idea to make some money.

Well anyway, since I'm done studying I can finally re-open that bottle of Chivas that I bought yesterday.

A few days ago, I went to get a filling job done on one of my teeth. The dentist was reluctant to do it, saying it was still early and that the filling that I had already on was a super duper one unavailable in Iraq and must've been done abroad. I just wanted to get it over and done with. It came down to me not being a regulart tooth-brusher and on that basis I should get the filling done now. Now what I didn't know is that I was not to be allowed to eat for the remainder of the day. And I just so happened not to have eaten anything up till then. I was shocked when I found out, then I became angry. I wasn't supposed to chew, but while having a fit with the kitchen door I clenched my jaw, and a little later I started to feed thin strips of sliced turkey breasts into the opposite side of my mouth.

Wow! Whiskey tastes so much better with ice.

Saw this Lebanese guy called Amin Maalouf on Hardtalk extra on BBC World today. He seemed to be a really nice guy. He's an author. I'm going to buy one of them next time I have the chance. He was on about how this century is proving to be really depressing. And that this will be a century of 'identity', as oposed to the last century of 'ideology'. The critical difference being that one can't have a debate over identity as one may with identity.

Whiskey really tastes good with ice. I wonder if I'll be able to enjoy it during the summer. I'm sure I will be if I'm not here.

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cile said...

amin maalouf! he is a very good writer. wrote some books that are outstanding, like 'Les Croisades, vues par les Arabes' published in 1984. bbc doesn't have it archived? i hope they put this online. if you know a link, you'll let me know?