Friday, April 28, 2006


Friday Morning, woke up during a dream about not having enough time. Looking back at yesterday, I'm still finding it hard to believe that all I ate was shawerma sandwich, and I'm still not hungry. I've been falling asleep with no trouble at all lately. The night before last, I just fell asleep sitting with my feet up on my couch.

Fortunatly the commercial law teacher didn't show up yesterday but did have my total quality management test. All the teacher gave us was two questions. And I had think I had most of the material down, except the subject relating to the first question (What's the Taguchi method, it's principles and shortcomings) which after speaking to the teacher I had understood wrong. I even cheated in the exam, and ever so blatantly. Fortunately I didn't catch the teachers glance of disapproval because that would've made me feel bad. But the friend from whom I was copying did. And he said it was funny. Unlike everybody else in the class, I'm not so discreet about cheating because of my lack of experience.

I spoke to the teacher after the exam, I told her I was worried about not being able to pass her subjects (total quality management and marketing). She seemed to be surprised that I was worried. And she basically said that she'll help me out with my grades. I also got her to explain me that Taguchi method stuff.

After that my database teacher wanted to have a word with me about my Arabic. She told me that while reading my enigmatic test paper, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. My general excuse for not being able to learn Arabic, is that Arabic is bleeding hard language and the unavailability of any courses designed to teach Arabic as a second language anywhere in Iraq. But I can honestly say that I give it the effort that I should. The simplest thing I could do is read the newspaper, but I can't be bothered.

Okay I'm hungry now, I better get myself something simple to eat cause I should be having lunch with Od and his old school gang. And oh my god I've got a risk management test after tomorrow.

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