Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm Being Played

Alright to be honest, I'm not so cunning with the ladies, matter of fact: I'm bleeding incompetent. To demonstrate how bad I am: I once unwittingly walked out of a threesome. So when a contact on my yahoo list that my sixteen-ish cousin added on my yahoo messenger starts hitting on me, I fall for the bait.

My cousin was her classmate in primary school, but they weren't friends. I think my cousin got her yahoo id from a friend of his. I would say it was a rather routine chat at first until she asked if I could call her and meet her. After chatting some more and then leaving her to chat with Nisrine and some crazy Turk that wanted some business suggestions about what to export to Iraq, I called the chick up. And crikey all that heavy breathing on the phone is such a turn on.

We had a brain dead conversation that was full of her heavy breathing. She speaks some English which was great. She told she was 18, but I'm not buying it. Her yahoo profile says she's 17. But she sounds alot more mature on the phone than that. Or maybe I've got all my bearings wrong. I'm a bit confused about my age myself, hanging out with class that's 5 years younger than you could do that I think. When she said she wants to meet me, that's when it gets too good to be true. We're set to meet on the 9th, still got to arrange all the details.

Okay there's alot that's dodgy about this girl. Her dad died a year ago, she got an arranged engagement following that to some guy that she doesn't want, there's the age stuff. Her mum is sick and therefore she and her mum are going to Syria in a few days so that the mum and can get some medical attetion.

Oh and I think she's lying to me when she's telling me that she's using her AsiaCell mobile phone Nokia 6630 to chat with me. We don't have such phone services here do we? And there's no mobile phone logo next to her name on the yahoo list.

She might be trying to put me in a marriage trap. Or even worse, I've got my bro's wife saying that girls are being used as bait to kidnap or mug boys. I regard my brother's advice very highly. He told me that I should make sure I'm not followed and take an odd route to my house, if I were to bring her to mine. He also suggested that I take her to my dad's empty house, but it's unfurnished.

It really sucks that I have to be paranoid for my life to get some action.

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