Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another Long Day

It seems to be the case that every time I can take out the car to drive (which is every other day) I end up coming back home at around 7 in the evening which is relatively late especially if you left home around 7 in the morning. I wonder how many hours I spend driving on days like these. I think I must've drove at least 3 hours today. That's alot of wasted time.

So today I went to college, I only had one class which is a piss take considering the one hour of traffic to get to college involves. One hour driving through horrible traffic to attend a half hour of class of Marketing. We used to have another class on Wednesdays but the teacher ran off to the UK a couple of weeks ago and I think she's planning to stay there. I did ask the teacher to change the schedule and she said she'll speak to the dean of the department.

I spent the rest of my time at college acting like a kid infront of Suzy and her friends. I picked round buds from a plant and tried lobbing them into the shirt pocket of her friend.

At around 2 PM Ennie and I left to go to his house so that he could pick up some money and then we went to Sana'a Street so he could buy a hard disk and I could pick up my repaired UPS. And I'm glad to say that I'm using it right now and it's working wonderfully. The guys at the shop even got that annoying buzzer removed for me. I'm so happy. Now I can use the internet with no electricity at all for at least an hour and a half.

We then spent an hour in his neighbourhood looking for some food for me lahma b'ajeen ('meat on bread' looks kind of like a very thin pizza), restaurants. There were 3 of them, and all of them were open but weren't cooking any. It was like some conspiracy, we got to another restaurant that we had lunch at the last time I was over and they had just closed! We drove back to his and realised that one of the lahma b'ajeen places said they'd be cooking by now. So we drove back, and the dude who was supposed to bring the gas to run the oven hadn't got back yet. Driving around in this guy's neighbourhood is a real pain in the ass because of all the potholes in the side alleys.

Ennie's mum wound up feeding me felafels and kebab, and Ennie taught me what was left of the commercial law material for tomorrow's exam. I'm actually suprised we got round to doing it And then I drove home completely knackered.

Farah's back in town, just chatted to her. I wonder how soon I'll be seeing her again. And the UPS is working wonderfully.

The weather has become suddenly alot hotter over the past couple days. It's uncomfortable. A little stroll can lead to alot of sweating. The electricity has also become alot worse since the change in weather. Nahida has chucked a bunch of food out of the freezers into the bin.

Last week-end I accidently shaved my goatie off. Ever since I've been getting remarks about it being missing. It's sacreligous to shave off your moustache or beard here. Well I think it's finally grown back enough to put an end to the madness.

Remy's teaching me how to play blues guitar yesterday he taught me to play a 12 bar blues 1-4-5 progression, today he gave me different chords to play it with. Not being as well acquainted with blues as he is, I'm having to download a Muddy Waters album. I'm still taking too much time switching chords, but I do see myself improving.

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