Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sweaty Afternoon

I'm sweating. My laptop is hot. I've waited over half an hour for my mug of tea to cool down. I'm looking at it, asking myself if I should check it. I check it. The mug is hot, but the tea is drinkable. I don't really have anything to do right now. I was hoping to go to Fal's but he's probably asleep since he's not answering his phone. I'm smoking too much. I stretch my back and think that I ought to change my laptop setup. I spend 10 seconds rubbing my right eye. I look around me and think nothing. Upstairs the generator is making it's regular noisy hum, the sound alternates if I pay attention, and Nahida's sister is compelled to raise her voice to talk. All the curtains are shut, but the sensation of a shaded room is missing. The tea doesn't taste great, but when I'm sweating this much it doesn't make much sense to me to get picky over what I drink as long as it doesn't aggravate a sense of thirst. I drink even if I'm not thirsty. I just drink. Take a deep breath and blow. Swipe some sweat off of my forehead. A thought goes through my head and is quickly forgotten. Setting up a net to catch the next one. I lost the sheet of paper on which I've marked all my expenses for the past couple of weeks. When I realised that this morning it made me quite angry. Maybe it's in my college folder. Called India a little earlier, he couldn't speak because he was at work. I want some honey in my tea next time. Bro interrupts me to say "hi". I'm building up motive to start using the 'invisible' function of Yahoo Messenger, or perhaps at least give the 'busy' status a try. All my bro has said so far was "hi". He's at the shop, where I hope I'll be working during the summer. I wonder if I could get a better or different job if I tried. He tells me that Mike's finally got a new job. Mike's been working/wasting his life in the shop for at least 5 years. He's become a nurse I think. I've run out of cigarettes, I yell for some so that Nahida can throw me a pack from upstairs, but she doesn't hear me.

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