Monday, May 08, 2006

Tea Makes Me Happy

I don't know what I'm doing to myself these days. Last night I slept at 5 AM and woke up 3 hours later to go to college. And I get home over 12 hours later. I'm definitely not going to stay up late tonight, even though I've got no class tomorrow. Yes! No way am I staying up late tonight I say with a decreasing sense of confidence.

I've been going on about my new wireless internet connection for a while now. So to keep it simple this time: I'm downloading alot of music late at night so as to not piss off my provider.

I'm losing a grasp over myself of late. Spending so much time outside of home and when I do get home I spend hours on the internet leaving me with very little time for reflection. I could argue that's a good thing by saying something like it leaves me less time to dwell on all the depressing thoughts one could have when left with nothing to do.

The heat is becoming unbearable, was quite fortunate to have a sandstorm late in the day to cool things down. I have to leave for the summer. The electricity is terrible, something like one hour for every 10 hours of electricity. Petrol queues are also verging on the unbearable, took me about hour to fill up my car a few days ago.

Kiki's birthday was yesterday, had no clue about that. I ought to add that to some on-line calender. I'm planning to transfer my short birthday list from the Yahoo calender to the Google one. I like Google, too bad Microsoft is going to give it to them. Quite amazing how Microsoft relies on the incompetence of it's clients to keep an advantage edge over competition.

Today I had lunch at a restaurant that I had never been to before, it was more traditional than the ones that I'm used to going to. They served yogourt drink in big tin cups which was awfully good, the kebab on the other hand wasn't so good.

While I was waiting for my tea to arrive the waiter threw a remark with a sprinkle of scorn that translated word for word would be: "You're in a different world". At first I thought he was referring to how drowsy I was and so I replied that I hadn't slept last night he quickly retorted that neither had he. Obviously I got the message wrong the first time.

I imagine something unusual does emanate from me, maybe it's my emancipation of current events or maybe I don't have those eyes that tell the same story of a lifetime of suffering that nearly all Iraqis share.

Need more tea.

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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine being so hot that you'd welcome a sandstorm...

The yogurt drink sounds lovely.

Shaggy, what kind of guitar do you have? You should download some Howlin' Wolf for rip-roaring blues guitar...

-- Tilli