Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Hate Afternoon Naps

I just had an afternoon nap. The most significant difference between a normal nap and the afternoon type is that when I wake up from a normal nap I feel refreshed and when I wake up from a afternoon nap I feel like somebody has snuck a brick in my head.

I think the mistake I made earlier was to play the guitar in the toilet (good accoustics in there!). There are odd things that have had the ability to make me sleepy. The first of these was Radiohead's OK Computer album, when I first had that album I would not be able to stay awake throughout the first side of listening that tape. Playing games on my Nintendo DS also has also had that same effect especially when playing WarioWare. And now the guitar can knock me out too.

I'm hungry, I could take the car out or even walk to get some food from the local posh grocery store. But I'm too lazy. Where's my phone? Some classmate that lives near my house was supposed to drop by so that we study quantitative techniques.

Found the phone, now I bought a mobile phone top-up card yesterday and I can't find that. I wonder where the hell it's gone. I hope it didn't fall underneath the car seats. There's too much stuff underneath those seats (Empty cans of Diet Coca-Cola and little bottles of mineral water). All that stuff must not be good for the motorised seat adjusters. Well I've given up hope on looking for that top-up card, but first I'll take a better look at the car.

After rummaging through 6 little bottles of mineral water (3 of which were still half-full), an empty can of soda and diet Coca-Cola, an empty bottle of Gatorade, a bunch of cigarette wrappers and unused tissues, I found the bleeding top-up card.

I asked Nahida for some fries a bit earlier, she just told me that we've both run out of gaz for the cookers. Over here we use those horrible gaz canisters, which she tells me now cost 10 bucks each as compared to 3 bucks a few months ago. And those are the prices from the annoying guy that drives a wagon around yelling "GAZ GAZ!" while drumming on something metallic. It should be even cheaper if you get it from the gas station but that involves a long queue and the inconvenience of transporting it back home. And in all cases a ration ticket is used.

Screw those canisters, I'll get her to cook for me using the electric stove. Just need to wait for some electricity then. I wonder when that'll come back (Imagining waiting for a very long time). And I was planning to make some molten cheese and meat rolls out of lebanese bread when the electricity comes back. If I get really hungry, there's always tuna to be eaten. I love these tuna in packets that the local posh grocery store has been stocking recently. The tuna is one of those things that were brought to Iraq to be sold in AAFES (I think that's how it's spelt) stores in US bases. I'm not really sure how these AAFES things find their way into local Iraqi stores.

And the electricity just came back. Nicely! I'll be eating some fries soon. I'm going to make those sandwiches.

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