Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Got Lahma B'Ajeen

Sav and Angus came over this morning at around 10 in the morning to start our time-exhausting preparations for our final exams that start in a week. I suggested that we go get ourselves some lahma b'ajeens. And guess what! We got some! Today was might've been my 5th attempt during the past month to get some (all previous attempts had failed). Like last friday when the lahma b'ajeen place closed early because they were refurbishing the restaurant.

Sav and Angus just left. We studied a net total of 6 hours! I'd never thought I was capable of such a feat. Now keeping it up for the next couple of weeks is going to be incredible. I think that once I get studying intensively I end up liking it.

Well now they're gone there's not much point in studying, and I'm feeling bored. I'm not hungry. The electricity comes for an hour every five or six hours. I think it's going to go out here in half an hour.

Ever since I've stopped downloading mp3s through torrents. I've been downloading porn from a german website. Well I've got to download something don't I! So far I've been pretty unlucky and not getting anything worthwhile. But a thought hit me last night: It really sucks to see someone else screwing a hot chick. Just watching someone getting some action and not getting any myself. It takes the piss.

After we got some take away for lunch today and were at a supermarket to buy some soft drinks, Farah called, she told me she needed some internet credit urgently because her sister-in-law or someone got killed or something(I didn't really bother to understand what the deal was).

It was awfully fortunate that I happened to be in the supermarket. I called her back on the number that she had called me on, and checked that it was Farah because I wasn't sure if I had recognized her voice the first time she called, told her that I was going to SMS her the top-up code and then did so. She sent me one back thanking me.

I wonder if she's planning to screw me again someday. Last time I had spoken to her she said that she was too caught up with things to meet up.

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