Friday, May 26, 2006

Me Dissolute?

7:30 AM Sav and Angus brought over some beer and a prostitute last night. An idea we're sure to regret today. All three are asleep right now. I'd love to go to sleep, but I want to make sure the girl leaves without nicking anything. I've been trying to wake her up for the past half hour but it ain't happening. We'll be regretting what we've done last night. What we seem to have failed to predict is that by sleeping late last night we'll be spending the day asleep. I'm not too worried about the finals myself. We've covered much more material over the past 3 days than I could've covered in a week maybe even two.

I was so glad to have a taste of beer. And enjoyed getting drunk too despite a couple of unfortunate accidents both of which involved broken glass. Was playing with my skipping-rope and knocked a glass shade off of a chandelier. I've picked up all the broken pieces of glass and have put them in a plastic bag which I'll give to one of the guys to put in the car. Hopefully nobody will notice the missing piece of the chandlier. A wet glass bottle of juice also slipped out of my hand and smashed on the floor as I was putting it back in the cool polyphylene cooler container thing in the kitchen that we were using to keep the beers cool with half a block of ice.

Cette experience était l'inverse du precedente avec Farah. Il ne y'avait pas de excitation préliminaire au debut de quoi en parler. Et j'ai duré. J'ai duré plus d'une demie heure! Au point au qu'elle commencait a plaindre. Elle a même essayé de me sucer le bit. J'ai fini en me frottant moi-même pendant que je léchais sa chatte. On est ensuite entrés dans le bain ou j'ai trouvé du dentifrice a manger. Plutard puisqu'on a tous couché avec la fille on a pu conclure qu'elle était très froide et une mauvaise baise.

...Well it's nearly 9 PM now. Everybody left and I'm wrapping this post up. I guess there's more to be told about last night, but I can't be bothered so I'll just continue with the events that followed after saving the above part of this post as a draft...

I had fallen asleep on my desk and I think the girl woke me up to tell me that she was ready to leave at around 8:30 AM. We kept a vigilant eye on all our valuables as she left and Angus drove her off to the main street. Sav stayed asleep and Angus tried to sleep but my guitar practise kept him awake. We then got Sav awake around about 10 AM and got our lahma b'ajeens for breakfast.

They spent the rest of the day studying Communications (the one class in English) and I fell asleep for an hour. I tried helping them but I couldn't do as good as a job they did when they taught me other subjects. I'll try to do better tomorrow. The guys decided to not sleep over tonight. I don't blame them my house is alot hotter during the night than it is during the day for some reason. But they'll be back tomorrow at the usual time of 10 AM.

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