Monday, May 01, 2006

Posting Can Be Hard

I've been having trouble posting and editing using my wireless ISP lately. So this is going to be a final test before I choose to switch ISP. Should've had tried out a different ISP ahead of time.

Not much going on.

Did okay on my risk managment test today. Alot of classmates screwed up one of the questions and provided the wrong answer. It's funny cause all of them made the same mistake of trying to write down the '13 rules' of fire insurance (an impossible task) instead of the 3 factors of risk (dead easy). Suzy was the one who walked me through the material for this test. She's a really smart girl.

And I got lucky with cab fares today too. I usually pay 5,000 dinars (just over 3 bucks) to go or come back from college. I got a ride to college for 4,000 dinars and 3,000 dinars on the way back, and without haggling too.

I'm getting pissed off that that classmate with whom I'm supposed to start guitar lessons hasn't called any of the teachers up so that we could start. I'm thinking that I might have to do it myself along with Miz a guy I know through India who's been waiting for someone to take lessons with him.

Spoke to Dad over the phone last night. He gave me a lecture about how the accounts should be done and that I should call up Fozzy at the end of every month to find out the expenses accumulated at the end of the month. When it comes to business my dad gives good advice unlike he does in other walks of life. He also told me he's planning to buy a PC. My dad is the kind of man that can't operate a TV, so I'm left to wonder how in the world he's going to operate a PC.

Was too tired to go to the internet cafe and send the pics of my bro's house under-construction to my bro. I might as well try to send the pics through Picasa. I've got to go Ennie's place tomorrow morning so he can finish teaching me the material for the commercial law test. And I should send those pics in case Picasa fails.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but it's really not me to be getting stressed out about exams and stuff. But it seems that if I have any chance to leave for the summer I can't fail college and get stuck here to do re-tests and a summer course which I think I've heard being mentioned.

I keep forgetting to mention that Nahida's bro has finally been released from US custody. I was suprised to find him in good health and good spirits. He's spent over a year held up. I'm glad he's back, it means I can finally maybe get a new car or just at least fix up the one I got. He's a very important part of my Nahida support network and it's been a nuisance not having him about. Aside from that he's a real nice guy, always excited about everything and very lively.

I'm really tired I'm going to bed soon. Oh crap posting still doesn't work with my wireless ISP... just going to have to rely on the ever so unreliable modem connection.

I just caught the end of an Iraqi show on the telly with people calling in to talk about internet chat rooms. I didn't catch what an Iraqi girl had to say about on-line relationships between boys and girls, but the rest of the callers seemed not to have had any experience with on-line chatting but expressed disapproval of it anyway.

One woman complained that it creates problems between married couples when the wife catches her husband chatting to women, a man complained that it's wasting the money of the parents of teenagers, and another man described the internet as something that could be used in a good way and a wrong way.

I wish I caught the show from the beginning. It seemed pretty interesting to me, angry adults complaining about the corruption of their youth taking place in front of their eyes.

Still trying to get this post up... giving up on posting using modem. I once managed to sneak in a post before my ISP could screw me up. Not working so far. So after spending maybe over an hour to post I think I'm finally going to do it. I got a nice modem connection working here. So here it goes...

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