Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Drowsy Afternoons

That bleeding commerical law exam got postponed yet again. The teacher didn't show up this time. It's really taking the mickey. Tomorrow I've got quantative techniques, my second easiest subject. It's the ones with math or English that I need not worry about, and this one has both.

The weather is nice today, a little rain drizzled twice. This spring is remarkably cooler than previous ones. Looking back, last winter was remarkably warmer than previous ones too. I'm considering changing my stance on global warming if it means the weather in Iraq would get better.

I've given up on the idea of getting a guitar tutor for now. I'll get one when I come back from my summer vacation. I've got a keyboard back in the UK, could mess with that while I'm there. I wonder if there are piano tabs on the net. In the mean time, I'm learning chords and how to switch from one to another. Having a little trouble going from A to G right now.

When I was at that restaurant a couple days ago I discovered one of the benefits of playing guitar. The callouses that developed on my finger tips have made holding a hot little glass of tea easier. It's not perfect since I don't have any callouses on my thumb. But I thought it was pretty cool anyway.

Plugging my electro-accoustic guitar to my laptop doesn't seem to really work, I ought to fix my old pc which has a Creative sound card and get a better plug adapter for the guitar.

All of a sudden I'm really drowsy. I hate taking afternoon naps. But right now I'm very tempted. Maybe I just need to lie down.

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Anonymous said...

Shaggy, my husband asks: "open" or "bar" chords?

He tells me "open" is like Donovan and "bar" is The Ramones.

(He tells me "Skip to my Lou" is the first song he learned. Open C & G7, he thinks. BTW, he was 11 in 1964 with a No-name acoustic. He says now he wishes he'd kep it for nostalgia's sake)

He also says you only need: Open E, D and A and then you can play "Gloria" and "Little Black Egg" and all those great moldy oldies.

Rock on, my son --
-- Tilli