Monday, May 29, 2006

Too Hot To Sleep

I had a haircut today. For 8,500 Iraqi Dinars probably one of the most expensive I've ever had in Baghdad. I've been trying to go to sleep and even though the window is open there isn't even the most subtle of breezes. The back of my neck was burning up because the barber had used a cut-throat blade to clean all the bum-fluff of it.

I just called Hans up in Sweden it's been a long time since we've heard each other's voices. Within 24 minutes of conversation we hit so many subjects so fast. It was a very efficient phone call. There wasn't a moment of silence or need to go on for too long about any one topic. We spoke about prositutes and the willingness to give them a go, about the wasted self-governance of some part of Denmark, how it seems that every brain problem seems to have its roots from previous drug use, and how few healthy romantic relationships that we both knew which led to the realisation of how many insane people around us (of which I'm one).

The guys somehow have managed to go to sleep. A helicopter flew over the house and activated one of their car's car alarm. Running low on laptop battery. The damn electricity better hurry up. Tomorrow I've got my first final: Database. I don't need to do well on it. I just need a 10% on the test to pass the course. I love it that the passing mark is 50% instead of 60% here.

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Riot Starter said...

I wonder where I've heard all of that before? ROFL :D