Friday, May 12, 2006

Sticky Me

I'm feeling sticky. I need to take a shower.

Yesterday was a big day in India's life. He finally did his master's thesis presentation. Something that's been delayed for more than a year maybe even two years. It went surprisingly well and he even got a 'very good' mark. He said he was very fortunate when after he made his 15 minute presentation the professors that were supposed to ask him questions (the tough part) ended up answering each other's questions. This was because India's project was an amalgamation of two different subjects and the teachers answered the questions that dealt with their own field.

I was surprised to find myself really happy for him. I'm also glad that I won't have to hear him whine about his thesis anymore. As is custom, India took us out for lunch and we had a sleep over at Kala's house. We brought our laptops to Kala's house and networked to play Quake 3 and Medal of Honour. We played for a while, but most of us had had little sleep the night before, so we slept a lot earlier than we usually do during a sleep over.

Today was a quiet day. We left Nais's house and went to get some Lahma B'Ajeen to eat. But the place was closing up. They told us they close early on Friday's. Just my luck with Lahma B'Ajeens. We then chose to go home, India came with me to upload some e-mail attachments and to pick some torrents for me to download.

I wonder what will I do tonight. Remy tells me that he's been practicing the guitar a lot. Making me feel that I ought to do the same too. All I've been doing is practicing a few open chords that I still can't switch through smoothly. He's looking for a new job since he got fired for his unkempt appearance despite being the best at what he does. He's Lebanese and lives in Ottawa so if you want a hire a hard working and don't mind him being unkempt, he's the man for the job.

I just remembered recently hearing that the dirty tap water that's available here is good for you in the sense that it builds tolerance against all the bad stuff that's in it. And that if someone who hadn't built up that tolerance is suddenly exposed to those prevalent bad microbes and stuff then that person's body will not be ready to fight it off. Now how about marketing dirty bottled water. It'd have all those bad organisms minus the heavy metals and other such dirt. It'd be bottled water for a stronger immunity system. And instead of advertising the altitude and location of a mountain source advertised a sewage drainage point could be designated instead.

I'm hearing the same problem about the tap water here as the one I heard when I was in Lebanon. The problem being that the pipes with the clean water and the pipes with the black water are cracked and the two are mixing together. Joy oh joy, having been to two such countries I must have a really good immunity system. But of course the far east is where the true challenge lies. I must go there and face the challenge someday.

I hate chewing gum. Not only do I hate chewing gum, but I hate those that chew it and then throw their chewing on the ground. Twice this week I've had chewing gum get stuck on my shoes. And I'm sick of it. It seems nobody appreciated putting the gum in a little piece of paper before throwing it away. Come to think of it I rarely do if I'm outdoors, but I don't chew gum that often. The kids at college for example don't seem to have broken out of the habit of chewing gum like school kids. There's always one with gum in my class. Kids at college ask for two things from each other chewing gum and tissues. They never use the tissues to wipe their noses, instead they use them to wipe their shoes or to wipe off the dust off the chairs before they sit on them. And it seems that a lot of times they wipe the chairs even if they don't need to be wiped. Unlike chewing gum, there doesn't always seem to be someone with tissues.

We've got two more weeks of classes and weekly exams before prep time for the finals. I hope I pass.

I bought Photoshop CS for Dummies yesterday when I met up with the guys at Sana'a street yesterday before catching up with India at his university. I've always wanted to learn how to use Photoshop ever since I had that awful computer in Lebanon. That was back in 1997. Well I've given up figuring it out by myself more times than I've tried. But by finally buying a book I think I'm on the right track for the first time. But I'm not going to start yet, I've got my finals that I should take care of first.

I don't want to study. But there's a silent voice in my head that says I should. It's a good thing it's silent.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the marketing ad crawler. i hope im not the only one reading your blog.
keep practicing the guitar. keep practicing 1-4-5. you'll get it. if i had a way of showing you just one thing it would probably help a lot. maybe a camera on the computer or something. anyways.