Monday, May 15, 2006

Is You Spillin'?

I can't wait to get out of here for the summer. I'm worried that I might be building up my expectations. But I honestly can't imagine it being that bad. I'm pretty certain that I'm going to regret however I decide to spend my money during the vacation, but that's not a reason not to spend money is it.

I'm really not ready for my finals. I'm not ready to study. I've had enough. These scholastic years are too long. I need to find a way to unwind before the exams start. I recently realised that it's been a while since I've had a drink so I've been keeping my eye out for the alky store the past couple of days, and it's always closed! Just when I could need it the most and this time I've got no clue why.

I'm so tired of getting tired, and without alcohol it's a real drag. I remember that after a long shift running late into the night at my brother's corner shop I'd get myself a bottle of wine to unwind before going to bed. That's what I need now, but I can't have it. This just isn't right.

My ISP has bottlenecked the connection down to 17 KB/sec, and downloading torrents seems pretty useless right now. My Yahoo messenger disconnects when I download a file from Google Video.

I miss watching the tellie too. My downstairs satellite receiver still doesn't work. Not that there's anything good on TV anyway. But the passive absorption of media would be quite welcomed right now.

My psoriasis is flaring up. I think I remember one doc said that it's supposed to get better in the summer, but that doesn't seem to be the case with me. Which reminds me that I still need to get a filling for one of my teeth. And I've still got to check out what the deal is with my blood.

I fell asleep in one of my classes today, got no clue why I was so sleepy. I had spent all the afternoon asleep yesterday and I managed to get a few hours sleep in the night too. I ought to go to sleep early tonight.

Recently I've caught myself on the verge of spilling stuff on myself. But today I finally did it. While I was walking towards my car with a can of diet Coke and a Magnum biscuity ice cream in the same hand and reaching for the car key in my pocket with the other hand, I took a bite out of the ice cream and spilt the diet Coke on my shirt. Fortunately it was so hot it took just minutes to dry off.

So I had thought that I had the urge to spill something on myself had been satisfied. But I proved myself wrong. Later today, I had in my hands a couple of small glass bottles of Fanta and a textbook. I had left the window of my car partially open to not let the hot air cook inside. So instead of reaching for the key in my pocket, I decided to slid the textbook through, so as I tilted the book to fit it through I also tilted one of the bottles and spilt Fanta on my shirt.

Okay so I'm chatting to some Iraqi girl right now and she just told me that her friend quit her job because her boss was hitting on her. No big deal there. But what I find interesting is when a few months back I cited reporting a case of sexual harrassment as an example of cross-departmental communication in an organization in a Communications test at college the teacher left a remark saying that it was "inappropriate in this country" [to answer a question like that].

Oh my God is Suzy boring to chat to on-line. I rue the night that I taught her how to install Yahoo Messenger.

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