Monday, May 22, 2006

Missed My Test Today

I stayed up late last night, and woke up late today. I could've woken up earlier but figured that since the test was going to be at around mid-day I could stay in bed a couple hours extra. Then around about 9 in the morning Suzy called to tell me the test was in 15 minutes because the teacher said he was busy. Suzy said she'll try to have a word with the teacher regarding me and I got ready without getting in too much of a rush. Nahida wanted to tag along with me to go to the bank nearby my college but I couldn't be bothered to have her on my case throughout the cab ride so I had a go at her and told her to take her own cab.

The traffic on the way which usually takes about 45 minutes was really bad so about half way I asked the cab driver to turn around and drop me back home. On the way back Suzy called to tell me that they were about to start the test. I thought to myself that it was a good thing that I choose to go back, because I wouldn't of been able to make it anyway. Quantitative Techniques is one of the subjects that I've got a good mark in and have no worries about passing, so losing a few marks from my final average because of this test wasn't a problem.

So I get back home and I practise some progressions, listen to some audio lecture that's supposed to teach one how to distinguish notes and I fall back asleep. An hour after Souad's last call, some guy calls to tell me that they've just started the test. And at that moment I felt like I just lost a 50$ bet. But it was a calculated risk and after reminding myself that I needed the extra marks I felt better. The only thing I got worried about was whether the teacher postponed the test for my sake.

Suzy called after the test. She told me that Dick had spoken to the teacher and that the teacher agreed to give me the same mark I got in my last test. Dick just called a little while ago to make sure I stick to the story he gave the teacher. He told the teacher that a mortar fell near my home and that was why I couldn't make it. I've got no clue how I'm going to repeat such a bad lie to my teacher. The trouble is that it seems like the teacher did indeed deem it a feasible excuse. But then again he's not the kind of teacher that would bother arguing.

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